PRISM, XKeyscore, and Other Spy Tools of the Global Surveillance State


And Remote Viewing Technology

big brother is watching. it’s time to watch back.

These books provide a glimpse into the world of covert government surveillance, mind control, and psychic espionage. For the first time, these FOIA documents are available in an easy-to-read paperback format—perfect for red-pilling your friends and family.


About the author.

I began my Fortean journey at a young age. Growing up in the 90s, shows like Unsolved Mysteries opened my eyes to the paranormal, psychic phenomena, the afterlife, and more. I came across a collection of my great aunt’s paranormal books, which included a lot of Edgar Cayce, and I was hooked.

As a teen, I had a strong interest in social justice issues. I attended annual rallies at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, GA, with my high school’s Amnesty International group. There I became aware of the of social justice issues related to unchecked globalization. Then, the events of September 11th catapulted me down the conspiracy rabbit hole. I began to question the official narrative, and started diving into Alex Jones and David Icke material.

I met and started working with David Hatcher Childress at Adventures Unlimited Press in 2010. Since then I have worked with many others in the field, including Chris Dunn, John Brandenburg, Kenn Thomas, Moray B. King, Joseph Farrell, the late Jerry E. Smith, Barrett Brown, Douglas Dietrich, Stewart Swerdlow, Brad Olsen, Greg Bishop, UFO Jane, Mark Hoffman, Robert Robinson, Majungas, “Nomoli Ben,” Lon Strickler, Jess Rogge, Eric Cockrell, and more.

I see a future of decentralized networks and anti-gravity technology. I hope to be a useful tool in the Great Awakening.

Axel Balthazar

Other Books from aup

This is a very good book. It exhibits the misinformation about the timeline of these torture projects that have gone on nonstop for the last 40 + almost 50 years.

PJH, Amazon reviewer

Government documents, all types, patent info, statistics, and types of experiments done on humans. Hard to believe they were up to this kind of stuff.

Stephen, Amazon reviewer

Just wow.

writer.M, Amazon reviewer

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